Did you recently add a new member to the family? Congratulations! We know that this is an exciting time, but there is a lot to do and adjustments to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. So, what are the next steps?

Dr. Alex Robb, veterinarian at Goodheart says. “A visit to a veterinarian is an important part of adding a pet to your family. At Goodheart we are always excited to meet your new family member and introduce them to our hospital in a gentle, compassionate, and fun fashion. Following the Fear Free methodology, we will ensure each patient gets a thorough examination that is comfortable and even enjoyable. We’ll also be sure to cover the important information regarding vaccines, nutrition, parasite prevention, and more so that your new pet has everything it needs to be healthy.”

Here is a list of to cover at your first vet visit:

– Vaccinations for young pets as well as updates for older ones
– Choosing the best diet for your pet and understanding appropriate treat serving sizes
– Getting your pet microchipped
– Lab work and fecal testing to help find and address health issues as early as possible

“Like training, socialization for puppies is essential from the get-go. We do need to be careful about what a puppy is exposed to when it has not yet received all of its vaccines, but appropriate socialization can be just as important to a pet’s welfare as its shots. Accordingly, I do recommend that puppies are introduced to well-known dogs in safe environments right away. Puppy classes in professional and sanitary locations are also great. Socialization is essential to a good quality of life for our dogs and that has to be done in the first few months of life,” says Dr. Robb.

Set up your pet’s first visit here or feel free to give us a call. We can’t wait to meet your new addition!

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